Terms & Conditions

Eligibility and Authorized Use:
Use of the Tulsa RV platform is restricted to individuals who are legally capable of entering into binding contracts under applicable law. Minors are not permitted to engage in bidding contracts. By utilizing Tulsa RV, you confirm that:

You are at least 18 years old or of legal age as required by your jurisdiction.
You undertake to be financially responsible for all your activities on Tulsa RV.
You commit to supervising any minor using Tulsa RV under your name or account.
You assure that all provided information is true and accurate.

By placing a bid, you engage in a binding agreement to complete the purchase if your bid is the winning one. Withdrawal of bids after placing them is not permitted.

Tulsa RV may impose fees for services such as auction listings and transaction fees. Buyers are also responsible for any inspection service fees. All related charges, taxes, and assessments are the buyer’s responsibility.

Terms of Sale:
Payment for winning bids must be completed within three days following an auction’s conclusion. Accepted payment methods include Tulsa financing, 3rd Party Financing, or Cash.

Modification of This Agreement:
Tulsa RV reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time.

Auction Holds and Cancellations:
Auctions may be paused or canceled due to legal or bankruptcy issues. Bidders will not be held accountable for their bids in such scenarios.

Links to Third Party Sites:
Links to other websites on Tulsa RV are provided for convenience and do not signify endorsement. Tulsa RV is not responsible for the content on linked sites.

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use:
You agree not to use Tulsa RV for unlawful purposes or in any way that could damage or impair the platform.

Use of Information Provided by Users:
Tulsa RV uses user-provided information primarily to facilitate item sales, sharing necessary details for transaction completion. Aggregated user statistics may be disclosed for lawful purposes or as required by law.

Governing Law:
This Agreement is governed by the laws of the state where Tulsa RV is headquartered.

No Professional Advice:
Tulsa RV’s guidance is for general purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or professional advice.

No Warranty:
Tulsa RV services are provided “as is,” without any warranty. Buyers are responsible for verifying item conditions.

Users agree to indemnify Tulsa RV from any claims or damages arising from their use of the platform.

Additional Fees Disclaimer:
By participating in auctions on Tulsa RV, users acknowledge and agree to be aware of the following additional fees:

A 10% buyer’s premium applied to the winning bid amount.
A $499 documentation fee.
A $1499 preparation fee for towable vehicles.
A $2499 preparation fee for motorized vehicles.
A $3900 preparation fee for new boats.
An $899 preparation fee for truck campers and other items.
These fees are in addition to the final bid amount and are non-negotiable. Users are responsible for reviewing and understanding these additional fees before placing bids on auction items. Tulsa RV reserves the right to modify these fees at any time without prior notice. For questions or concerns regarding these fees, users are encouraged to contact our customer support team for assistance.